How to use (Free Viper Anti-plagiarism) Software

Here simple step by step instruction from downloading to having scan report of your document.

1. Download the Viper software from either of the links below;

2. Install it by double clicking it; it would take less than a minute.  Click on the run button  and then Next, as shown in the Figure 1 and Figure 2 below:

Figure 1

Figure 2

3. Give the path on the directory (hard disk) where you want to install your program and finally click on Finish button and you are doneJ. This is shown in figures 3 & 4 on the shown below.


Figure 3

Figure 4

3. Now as you are done with installation here we learn how to use it to scan your documents to prepare an anti-plagiarism report. To scan a document with Viper, you can compare with local database (lecture notes etc) or go to internet to scan using more than 10 million online files database.

4. Run the Viper program from where you have installed, it would look like as shown in the figure below; after it is connected to the server (Figure 5).

5. Now, you may add a file or files that you want to scan as shown in the shown in the second Figure 6 below;

Figure 5

Figure 6

6. In this step you should indicate the field from which this document belong, for example; IT, Management, Business, Engineering etc., as shown in upper Figure below. Now please click on the button “Go to step 2” to proceed as shown in the figure 8 below.


Figure 7

Figure 8


7. In step 2, you would click on check box in the Figure 9 below, if you want to compare it with some files on your computer. This may be used in case, if you have prepared report from teacher notes or some software book. Or proceed to the Next by clicking in “Go to step 3”. Now you are done, as you may start scanning of your document for any traces of plagiarism by clicking on “Start” button, off course in the figure 10. At the end safe the scan report which could be used for plagiarism remover before submitting both original document and scan report. As company has its own scanning process to ensure safe report so in addition this software can be used for English grammar learning and correction as indicated in scan report.

Figure 9

Figure 10


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Microsoft Document Inspector – Removing Personal Information

This is an in build facility of Microsoft Office to find and remove your personal information that could have been transmitted to other people and organization. Here is simple demo to perform the above action.

Step 1:  go to Office button > Prepare > Inspect Document as shown in the Figure below.

Figure 1


Step 2: You should see the Figure below in case of Microsoft Office 2007. Click on the Inspect button.

Figure 2


Step 3: You should see below Figure and remove all information that is indicated by exclamation mark “!”, press close and you are done. J All your private information is removed now.

Figure 3

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Removing Microsoft Office Property/ Ownership – Document Inspection

Make sure to remove Title, Author, Company and all other properties information they may reveal any personal information. All the fields should be left blank, fellow the following step by step guidance as highlighted under:

  • Go to Microsoft document start menu > Prepare > Properties as shown in the Figure 1:
  • The Figure 2 will appear as in case of MS office Word. Remove all the personal information from it.
  • In step 3, go to document properties > Advance properties as highlighted in the Figure 2, to see the Figure 3.

  • In step 4, also remove additional information like, company and tile, not available in step 3, figure 2, in Summary option. You are done!

  • Please do not worry about following property in the Figure below left side: Office button > Word Options > Popular > Personalize Your Copy of Microsoft Office , This is your local information that is not transferred to another computer, when someone else would open document on his/her PC they would see their User name and initial.
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A Successful Freelancer’s Virtues / Qualities

  1. Please be noted with no doubt that anything could be tolerated except copy-paste. This might be single excuse for the disqualification of a freelancer. Use some good[1] anti-plagiarism software (e.g. Viper, please refer to appendix I, Tutorial 1, on how to use it and download link) before submission of final files[2].
  2. Be very strict to questions requirements and focus on quality more than quantity.
  3. Meeting the deadlines is third most important virtue for our freelancers, submitting a great report but late is not much use since it violated our commitment to the honorable client, loss of business and affects the credibility of the company to prospective clients.
  4. If you are directly quoting some definition or quote, you have to put it in inverted comas and with proper referencing, visibility, and page number etc.  In that case it would not copy paste since the source is appreciated.
  5. The matching report should not give results more than 10%, if yes the report is ready to be submitted otherwise remove all the matching text to meet the above criteria.
  6. Final document should be accompanied with scan report with factors such as: matching percentage, number of word matching and total words in the document.
  1. To get hand clean over popular referencing styles for variety of sources you could like to visits the following link: Go to:
  2. For Microsoft Word 2007 referencing tutorial you may like to exercise the tutorial for automatic referencing present at: or see the demo in the appendix section of this guide please.
  3. For online resources following are very useful free links:
  4. Google scholar: (refer local server such as:
  5. Google book:
  6. You may like to send the sources to be used before document writing so that related material could be provided.
  7. Try to SMS the subject of email prior to emailing it as symbolic notice
  8. Reevaluate your work as second person before sending so that it could be directly email to the CLIENT.
  9. Another most important thing you need to learn is how to use Microsoft Property tool bar to remove copy any traces of information that could identify and lapse information like your name, company, document name etc. For an easy help on this please refer to our demo tutorial 1, in the appendix I, of this user guide.

[1] Your may use a free anti-plagiarism software Viper to scan your report. This scan report should be sent with your original document. We will come with some mean formula and would let you know to fill the gap between commercially used scanner and the above one. Currently, we have concerns that testing software they might retain the work for their use.

[2] Final files are finished document that is tested with anti-plagiarism software and have less 10% matching with scan report attached.  And proper references provided.

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Report Writing Template/Outline

WriterAll - Report-Writing

  • Cover Page
    • Title, Sub Title
    • University Name (College Name)
    • Student Name (Student ID)
    • Course Name (Code)
    • Instructor Name
    • Submission Date
  • Summary – on cover or first page about paper theme
  • Table of Contents
    • Separate page
    • i.e. 1.1, 1.2…2.1, 2.2 etc
  • Introduction
  • Body and Format
    • Graphs, Tables, Diagrams, Charts; where ever needed, add references from which the above is taken on proper and visible place
    • Font: 12, New Times Roman or Arial (throughout for normal/body text)
    • Line Spacing, 1.5 Standard
    • Paragraph spacing 6 pts, Its First Line Indentation 4 pts
    • Headings format. First 16 (bold), second 14 (bold), third 12 (italic)
  • Conclusion(s) or Recommendations
  • Reference Style
    • Separate Page
    • APA will be default referencing for our work, unless instructed to use a specific referencing style program, MLA, etc.
  • Page Number
  • Page Number and its position in every document should be different
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Top 10 Mistakes You should avoid in your Freelance Writing Career

Doing mistakes in freelance career is not a big deal but learning from those crucial mistakes and not repeating them, surely is. Although not all mistakes are avoidable, many could be, if you know what to look out for

1. No Home Office setup

At home in a family environment working with focus and orientation is not easy task in itself. Family members will not give you protocol of office going boy instead normal at home buddy. For performance and productivity, you need a space which is entirely developed for you work only.

2. Time Wasting and Laziness

In particular at start of our freelance writing business, most of the time is wasted in hunting freelance writing jobs while you do not use your marketing skills. In order to take shortcut or easy route lot of writers avoid marketing their business effectively. Some, great marketing strategies include but not limited to website, blogging, networking, seeking referral, publishing testimonial on website, sales letters, and social media marketing. All of these activities may not be rewarding instantly but they make foundation for sound business market.

3. No Focus or Orientation

If you have been able to tackle with first mistake successfully, yet not have lot of success, than you need to focus. Go for one market at a time in your marketing strategy and explore it deep. For example, you are interested in writing on sports and can further narrow it down to foot ball, this is a focussed approach. This approach would allow you to measure the performance and quality and avoid many mistakes.

4. Distracted

If being focused is not enough, you have some distracters which derail you from the right track. For example, while you are righting, friends would come to invite you for party or some family members would like to watch their favourite TV or Radio programmes. This could be really compromiser on your performance and focus capability. Instead avoid such distracters during writing and take fun breaks like having ice cream or listen to you favorite songs. This will not only keep you focussed for longer time periods but you would not be getting bored sooner.

5. No Authority in a chosen Niche

There are thousands of freelance writers which would like to write on any generic topic they can get. If you do not want to compete with them it’s better to establish a clear niche and become expert in it and become recognized in that area. Becoming respected in a given area will separate you from the herd and client would come to you. You get to charge more.

6. Competing on Price

When you are trying to compete on price basis you are jumping into the downward spiral. Not only your earning will decline but even after working harder and harder you will feel disastrous about your work and yourself. Instead set your prices as per quality you can deliver. Your clients would give you worth and realize your authority.

7. Passive Approach

Most of us would love to have work come to us instead we try hard to find it. One should not send queries at the general email address (example of which are; info@publication, editor@magazine) but should find real address to communicate for better response. Yet, some employers would not like to be bombarded with emails so would not give their emails on the website. In such cases you should call at the contact number(s) provided.

8. Targeting low

Some writer would be writing for the content mills unless they are sure enough to pitch for larger markets. In brief you should focus on the big markets with more reach and potential. This is the way to become a professional freelance writer.

9. No Follow-up

Some freelance writer after hearing no response from an employer would cut their names from the list. Having no response does not mean a no from the firm and do not stop short of getting reward of target marketing. Instead think of it as editors and business people are busy, they got and read your query while responding other priorities got in the way. Send a reminder and put two weeks reminder in the calendar.

10. Writing for Exposure

Some employers would like to have writer at no pay against marketing their website and giving exposure. Such writings for mere exposure are not advised.

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Freelance Writer, CEO

Ten tips to avoid/remove Pimples/Zits/Spots

A pimple is a type of acne, which is also known as spot or zit, is a small skin lesions or inflammation of skin. They are essentially oil glands termed as sebaceous glands get infected with bacteria to become inflated to fill up with pus. This skin infection/disease attack most vulnerable parts of the body; face, back, chest, and shoulders.

In order to avoid or get rid of pimples following tips are advised:

  1. Lot of Water – Drink a lot of water, from 6 to 8 glasses of water, as suggested by doctors
  2. Balanced Diet – Eat or low fat and balanced diet which would help in keeping pimples or acne at bay. Doctors advice maintaining good balance of food and vegetables, lot of carbohydrates, and lean proteins.
  3. Don’t Touch – The oils on your hand can worsen the infection. Avoid touching your face or if you have habit of touching your face so make sure they are clean at all times. Picking, Squeezing, and popping your pimples is also to be avoided.
  4. Wash Them – Wash your face couple of times daily with warm water which will remove bacteria, dust, and sweat in pores of skins. This will minimize the chance of bacteria production and essentially pimples, zits or acne.
  5. Remove Makeup – Doctors suggests not sleeping in make so remove makeup daily before going to bed.
  6. Cleanse Daily – Particularly, when you have pimples, daily or after every other day use cleansers not soups.
  7. Moisturize - Use good moisturizers which are oil and comedogenic free. Moisturizing twice a day will keep your skin healthy.
  8. Change Sheets – Change your pillowcase and bedsheets daily or every other day as they do harbor and accumulate oils from your hands and face.
  9. Natural Face Packs – Natural or homemade face packs made of herbs are best. For example;  pure turmeric paste dissolved in the milk can be excellent for daily facial.
  10. Avoid Them – The best way to remove pimples if to stop them in first place as it is said, “Prevention is better than cure.”
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Sports Stars turns Rivalry into Romance

There are few events in sports history which get more famous then sport itself and even fewer which bring sports rival countries closer. Such an event took place when India’s top Tennis star Sania Mirza and Pakistan’s Cricket star Shoaib Malik marriage was held in a posh hotel Taj Krishna in Hyderabad, on Monday 12th April 2010 in accordance with Islamic rites (IANS, 2010).

This was not without controversy, drama, fame, and romance as well. The marriage was seen in many dimensions but in nuclear armed rivals in terms of mutual relationship for peace. Well, things not going to change much but surely a positive developing in right direction. The marriage was a hush-hush affair. The marriage news leakage in advance was followed by a controversy raked up by Ayesha Siddiqui and her family to divorce first wife before marrying Mirza. The passport was impounded by police after Ayesha’s Complaint on basis of cheating against Malik. However, after the complaint has been withdrawn after having divorce on elders intervention, the passport has been return as soon (IANS, 2010).

On wedding occasion bride was fabulous in a gold silk wedding dress, embroidered with flamboyant red embroidery with more than 35 thousand dollars worth of Swarovski crystal work. The large golden nose ring she wore, signify the innocence of the bride added high glamour to the whole assembly (Grisanti,2010).


Such is the tradition in South Asian weddings where more is less, blended with lavish, festivals, colors, and feasts goes on about a week. The function of Mirza and Malik wedding was not a disappointment. More than 1,000 guests were invited including; Bollywood celibraties, sports stars, politicians, and artists feasted on dozens of traditional, Chinese, and European dishes. After sensational headlines erupted over the couple’s engagement set off media hype, speculations, and controversy; Mirza’s parents barred media from coverage and the same happened in Pakistan later on (Grisanti, 2010).


Nikah, the official ceremony of signing of marriage documents took place on Monday; Mirza wore the red sari which her mother wore about 25 years back on her own Nikah. Mehdi, where friends and family together had their hands, arms, and feet decorated in intricate patterns with henna (i.e., a vegetable dye), a sub continent ritual being followed over the centuries. Sangeet, the evening of traditional dance and music, was followed next day.


The couple may have been so romantic but the nature of relationship was at a point so controversial leading up to the day of wedding that it threatened to derail the fragile relationship between the two countries. Another Indian woman, Ayesha claimed to have married to Malik, registered a case against him. Indian seized his passport and started criminal investigation. Malik responded that he had been duped as the women claim to be his wife not the same for which he has been sent pictures over the internet, so the telephonic Nikah was not valid. As the emotions started to boil over, the South Asian rivals riveted, starting diplomacy. Finally, religious leaders worked out a compromise for which Shoaib sent divorce papers to Ayesha so the marriage to Mirza go ahead (Grisanti, 2010).

Couple hailed as cross-border peace ambassadors arrived in Pakistan on Thursday to a frenzied reception. Lights flashed over and fans thronged to get a glimpse of the lovebirds as they landed at Karachi airport. It was their first visit here after their April 12 wedding that is hoped to bring the two nations’ bitter sporting and political divide closer (, 2010).

Sports career

As for as Sania’s tennis career is concerned the sources say Shoaib was fully supportive of Sania’s tennis career. “I fully understand what it takes to be an international sportsperson and I will support Sania in her career as long as she wishes to play,” Shoaib said. “Representing India, at the 2012 Olympics is very important for her and I will be the proudest husband if she can win a medal for her country,” he said (RIZVI, 2010).


After the divorce the controversy came to an end, officials from both countries cuddle the couple’s cunion. Pakistan’s federal minister of Population and Welfare, Firdous Awan, took part in the wedding ceremony and gifted a gold crown to Mirza from the people of Sialkot, Malik home town where he was born and learned Cricket. She also presented gifts from government of Pakistan. As marriage calibrations go on here in Pakistan as well the fairy tale continues (Grisanti, 2010).

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How I Started my career as Freelance Writer

Freelance business is about passion, motivation, and time quality.

If I say I believe that one would be making roughly 2,000-5,000 USD per month, after end of this year, would you believe? If, No. You might like play big. If, Yes. the solution is very simple. I would be happy to show you door, it is up to you try your luck.

As I am not suppose to disclose my exact income, because it is changing all the time with how many projects you do and how much time & effort you put in. Anyway, I can safely tell you, it is in 6 figures most of the time. :)

The Story runs like this: I had to leave the previous job due to personal reasons. I was free for whole one year in the search of a job i feel passionate for. With luck, got a job after searching “technical writer” job on

The job was actually “freelance technical writer,” As in first few months pay was good and I liked it very much, so i decided to make is part of my career…. along with my regular job and PhD ambitions. I was able to buy my first ever state of the art Notebook after working just 10 days, and Broadband connection, power backup and things not to mention.

So, one million dollar question is, what is freelance business all about? How it works? How to get a job like that, what it costs, and how to become good quality writer? … Well, I guess that was not one question. :)

To answer the above and many other related questions and increase circle of people making their income, I would be posting; Tips, Photos, Jobs and Voice and Audio tutorials on the same. You are requested to help me in spreading this cause as I believe if guy like me can do this you definitely have greater chances and there is no limit to work.

The specific question would be answered in hours not days. I do my best to built an interest groups without personal interests and get advantage of “network effect”. I guess network effect in simple words is; “If we have a group of more freelancer, we would be more helpful in terms of mutual help and raising income.” let me put in this way If A gets 10 projects, 6 are not inline with his skills, He outsource remaining 5 to other friends in network and take same from others. In conclusion he got 10 projects, which otherwise working alone, he could have ended up with 5. Similarly, If B got a projects, which he could do except statistics or programming part, he could always get help from fellow colleagues.

Well, This is not MLM, Adsense, Data entry job, Marketing or sales job. this is simple job with you, as boss of your own, no or minimum entry cost. The best of needed most urgent and important things are: A computer/laptop, good network connection, and writing skills.

At your service with regards

Muhammad Khuram Toor
CEO Writer All Solutions