How to use (Free Viper Anti-plagiarism) Software

Here simple step by step instruction from downloading to having scan report of your document.

1. Download the Viper software from either of the links below;

2. Install it by double clicking it; it would take less than a minute.  Click on the run button  and then Next, as shown in the Figure 1 and Figure 2 below:

Figure 1

Figure 2

3. Give the path on the directory (hard disk) where you want to install your program and finally click on Finish button and you are doneJ. This is shown in figures 3 & 4 on the shown below.


Figure 3

Figure 4

3. Now as you are done with installation here we learn how to use it to scan your documents to prepare an anti-plagiarism report. To scan a document with Viper, you can compare with local database (lecture notes etc) or go to internet to scan using more than 10 million online files database.

4. Run the Viper program from where you have installed, it would look like as shown in the figure below; after it is connected to the server (Figure 5).

5. Now, you may add a file or files that you want to scan as shown in the shown in the second Figure 6 below;

Figure 5

Figure 6

6. In this step you should indicate the field from which this document belong, for example; IT, Management, Business, Engineering etc., as shown in upper Figure below. Now please click on the button “Go to step 2” to proceed as shown in the figure 8 below.


Figure 7

Figure 8


7. In step 2, you would click on check box in the Figure 9 below, if you want to compare it with some files on your computer. This may be used in case, if you have prepared report from teacher notes or some software book. Or proceed to the Next by clicking in “Go to step 3”. Now you are done, as you may start scanning of your document for any traces of plagiarism by clicking on “Start” button, off course in the figure 10. At the end safe the scan report which could be used for plagiarism remover before submitting both original document and scan report. As company has its own scanning process to ensure safe report so in addition this software can be used for English grammar learning and correction as indicated in scan report.

Figure 9

Figure 10


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